Roncali Lab


Undergraduate Students

We are looking for highly motivated undergraduate students to assist with research projects. Students can either contact Dr. Roncali at for more information or apply through the undergraduate recruitment website

Graduate Students

We will have one opening in Fall 2024 for a graduate student.  We encourage interested candidates to send their CV and a brief description of their interests to Dr. Roncali, who is part of the BME Graduate Group (BMEGG), at any opportunities arise, we will reach out to potential candidates. Thank you for your interest and understanding.


While we appreciate your interest, we are currently not hiring. However, we welcome you to send your CV and cover letter to Dr. Roncali at Should any positions open up in the future, we will consider your application. Please also keep an eye on our lab's page and the Biomedical Engineering Department website for any new job postings. Thank you for your understanding and interest in our lab.